Finding Confidence In Yourself

There can be times in life where we feel like we are not up to the challenge, lost, or in need. We tend to look elsewhere for comfort, acceptance, and for our desires to be met. However, underneath it all we are really looking to ourselves for self-acceptance so that we can fully see our potential. Do you believe you can do anything, that you are worthy of everything, and that you can be everything you want to be? If you answered no to any of these questions, then perhaps you already know you lack some self-confidence or need to strengthen it in yourself. How does one do this? How can one find confidence when one doesn’t feel it at all? First, one must realize that confidence is always there; it is a part of you that may have been lost at one time, but never fully disappeared, for we are all capable to be as confident in ourselves as everyone else.

Confidence is a belief in one’s self; it is as pure as that. To not believe in yourself gives you a reason to seek it from somewhere else. And when you rely on this method, you will often find you cannot find it, for others will not always provide what we need. Our circumstances may never fully provide the assistance we need to truly believe in who we are. By looking outward, we can then never fully experience acceptance of who we are, and we then never fully gain the confidence we need in ourselves. By going inward first, we can better solve the problem at hand. Acceptance of yourself for who you are is the first place to begin. Do not judge yourself or proclaim any faults; instead, go further in to a place of pure acceptance. No one else in your life and no experiences you may have will really provide this for you. Only you can give this to yourself. By accepting yourself and realizing your full potential, you can grow into your confidence. It is there with you; it is only being ignored by your heart and mind.

By accepting and believing in who you are, you gain the first step towards reaching your inner confidence. Do not let yourself be swayed by outside sources anymore. For in seeking your confidence from outside of yourself, you open yourself up to disillusionment in yourself. You allow your confidence to waiver on other people’s acceptance of you. And when that acceptance disappeared, where did your feeling of confidence go? It also disappeared, thus deepening your sense of hopelessness within yourself. Instead, know that by reaching inward for your confidence it can never be taken away. In fact, how others then respond to you will feel less threatening and less important, for you will know from within that you are doing okay, even better than okay, and that you can do anything.

By believing in yourself, only for you and from deep within, you gain real confidence in yourself, for your belief in yourself is the most important and critical part of achieving true inner confidence. Maintain this belief and watch how it feels to be you in all moments. Don’t seek outward approval, but believe that you can accept everything about yourself and that you can even go beyond that, to a place of self-discovery. Think of all that you can do already, and know that with further confidence in yourself, it will only grow. By believing in yourself, you are closer than ever to being everything you are in the most possible and grand way. Confidence will envelope and strengthen you because it is already there within you at all times; you just need to see it and be more aware of your capabilities and strengths, no longer adjusting to outside sources or seeking outside approval.

Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young are both dedicated to enabling others to reach their full potential in life by helping them release what is holding them back so that they can find their true selves. Through years of experience and development, both have sought out the answers we all need to find peace, understand ourselves, and reach enlightenment.
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How to Use the Power in Positive Thinking to Change Your Life

If you learn nothing else in life but the power in positive thinking, this one simple key can unlock the desires of your heart. You can live the life of your dreams. If you stay with me, I’ll tell you exactly how to gain the power in positive thinking.

More than Just a Positive Thought

Most people don’t understand that it takes more than just a positive thought here and there to change their world. The problem is that we all have been “programmed” by our early caretakers, without our knowledge. Whatever limitations they have, they may have passed on to us. This creates havoc with positive thinking, if the subconscious belief contradicts the positive thought. When that happens, the subconscious belief wins out every time.

Why? Because the subconscious is 90 times more powerful. In fact, 90% of our interaction with our world comes from the subconscious mind, without you ever being aware of it.

Positive thinking works when coupled with positive emotions. To understand whether or not your positive thoughts are having an impact on your desires is to check in with your “feelings.” If you’re feeling good, up, and happy, well that’s your first clue that you’re on track.

What Happens When You’re Feeling Down?

But when you find yourself feeling down, depressed, or any of the “negative” feelings, then this is an indication that you are not having positive thoughts and something else is going on. The easiest way to maintain positive thoughts is to have gratitude for everything that is occurring in your life, both negative and positive.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re talking to someone who is upset or angry, if you offer him or her no resistance and just say “ok,” his or her anger or negativity disappears? This is the way the universe works with you as well.

It’s when you resist or push against what is occurring in your life, that you start to feel the effects. If you look at the negative situation in your life as an opportunity rather than a problem, you will find yourself in a much better shooting position with your desires.

Put the Power in Positive Thinking

To put the power into positive thinking effectively requires effort. If you develop a habit of paying attention to the way that your thoughts for the next 30 days at least, and pay attention to your feelings you can make a choice to think something else and overcome your negative thoughts. If you notice a negative feeling creeping in, just switch your thinking to something that makes you feel good.

The majority of the people in the world are victims of their thoughts. They don’t realize that they can change what they are thinking by simply refocusing their thoughts to a topic that brings them joy. If you want to learn how to put the power in positive thinking and get it to work for you without much effort visit the link below.

Visit to find out how you can sign up for free videos tutorials:

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Power of Positive Thinking – Potential Unlimited

The power of positive thinking is in the emotions it produces. You can think of all the things you want all day, but if your feelings contradict your thoughts, you will never get it! The key to your success in all things, is in controlling your emotions. When you recognize and accept the power and responsibility of your feelings, only then, will you gain the unlimited power of your thoughts. Because only then will your mind be “tuned” into the law of attraction frequency.

The emotions you feel work FOR you exclusively, first and foremost. This applies to ALL feelings you have and send, even for external things such as events and people. If you see someone with something that you desire and feel negative about it with anger, envy, or sadness, then that is the command you are transmitting to the universe! By focusing on the negative, you are asking for the circumstances that will make you feel negativity, exactly as you have asked. Your intentions may be good but you have unknowingly used the power of positive thinking against itself. Reverse your feelings and reverse your life!

Shift your mental focus into positivity. Be happy for the person who is experiencing what you want to experience. This mental action proclaims “yes” to the universe, “I do want this!” and it will come to you. Thinking of why you “can’t” have something or feeling jealous of others only says NO to the universe. You are asking for what you are focusing on and feeling about. So if you feel unattractive and over-weight when you see someone who is fit, the command you are giving to the law of attraction is, “I do not want to be fit, I would rather feel unattractive and over-weight”! The power of positive thinking is in this life-changing understanding. If you simply think only of what you want, in ways that produce positive feelings, you will have all that you wish for.

Rejoice when life displays it’s treasures for you! Realize now that your life is meant to be full, joyous, and exceedingly happy. If you discover something that feels exciting to you and you feel a desire for it, this is the universe “offering” you an experience. Your job is to seek out and recognize the things that you want to have, become, and create. You have a truly limitless supply of abundance and power at your disposal and all you have to do is use the power of positive thinking to access it! Fuel your desire for what you want by focusing on the positive feelings you will have when you receive it! Disregard all doubts, all fears, and all worries completely. Accept into your mind ONLY positive thoughts and feelings, not only for what you will have, but for those who are enjoying your desire now. Whatever you feel you attract more of, even if what you feel is for someone else!

The more you use the power of positive thinking to direct your emotions the more gratitude will swell within you. Nurture this over-all “good” feeling of thankfulness for all you have, all you will have, and for the power you are tapping into. Allow the love within you to completely fill the voids of emptiness and despair that plague so many needlessly. The more love you send the more you will receive what you love back. And the more love you will have filling your life until it is overflowing throughout all areas of your life, and into others’ as well. You can be whatever you want. You can have whatever you want. You can create the story of your life right now. All you have to do is think about what you love, and FEEL your love for it. Do this with a grateful heart and have the faith to NOT understand how, why, or when you will get what you want. Just trust in your positive thoughts and the feelings they inspire within you. Within them awaits the secret truth you’ve carried in your heart yet searched so hard to discover. That you can have, do, and become ANYTHING you desire. You just have to ask, and you do this by how you choose to feel!

The law of attraction is yours to command! Learn all there is to know about the limitless power within you at the worlds greatest LOA resource guide. Click the link below to learn how to attract whatever you want!


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How to Find Out the Key Challenges You Face As a Business Owner?

There are a lot of obstacles and challenges that you are going to have to face as a business owner. You will need to make sure that you think about some of the goals that you have for yourself and the goals that you have as the business owner. You will need to keep your personal and business goals in mind through the challenges so that you don’t lose sight of the ideas that you once had.

As an entrepreneur you will need to overcome some of the obstacles in order to find success for your business. These roadblocks exist for everyone who is a business owner and there are by no fault of your own. You will need to keep yourself in check every now and then so that you can track your personal gain from the goals that you have, but also so that you can keep yourself moving forward.

The most common obstacle that you will run into is the fact of funding. When you start a business you may not realize that it is going to take a lot of capital to get the business going, even if you are buying a business. You will need to take inconsideration that you are going to have to have good credit and also good credit options. You will find that this obstacle is so easy to overcome, but it does take a little bit of planning. If you want to overcome this, you will need to have a good business plan to present to the bank so that you can the most funding that you can get as a start up capital. You will also need to use the plan in order to get investors (silent or just a business partner) so that you can keep the funds rolling in. It will take at least two years for a business to start generating money. If you honestly would like to start a business you will need to have enough funds to cover the general bills for at least two years. This will keep the financial issues at bay.

Secondly, you have to consider the fact that you have many responsibilities. You will need to make sure that you can give the business the proper amount of time, but also not neglect your school or family responsibilities. You will need to make sure that the drawers are counted at the end of the night, but you also need to be home to tuck your kids into bed. It is very important that you mate understands how important it is for you to have business success and also how important it is for you to have the success at home. They will need to give you some slack and support when it comes to the family roles.

Finally, you are going to have to overcome your own feelings. You may find yourself feeling insecure about your age or even the business. As long as you know that this is what you want and you know that this is something that you would like to pursue, then you need to gain the confidence to support your business. You will find that confidence through the planning of the business, by having a good start up fund, and also by having the support of your family.

Keep in mind that it is hard to run a business and it takes a lot of time, money, and energy to make a successful business. Do you have what it takes, right now, to focus on other areas of your life and the business? You will need to have the support of your family and loved ones to really make the business work.

To find out if you have a sound business strategy, please contact us at for a complimentary business strategy session.

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Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Business

Deciding which small business to invest in is only part of the equation. The first and most important step is finding a business that’s right for your personality, which has a direct effect on your entrepreneur style and how successful you will be with your business.

Determining your entrepreneur style requires that you take an honest look at your business skills and motives for starting your business. For example, if you don’t like social settings and aren’t comfortable speaking with people, it’s not a good idea to invest in a company that requires constant face to face interaction with the buyer. Some companies to consider starting if you fall in this category may be housekeeping, commercial window washing, lawn care and even janitorial services.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy networking and speaking to others, direct sales (business to business or business to consumer) services may be best suited for you. In addition to your personality and entrepreneur style, there are several other areas to consider before starting your own business.

Ease of Entry – Industries and businesses vary in respect to the ease with which new competitors can enter. Some barriers of entry to consider would be over-saturation of businesses already offering the product you are looking to offer. Another main barrier to entry is cost. Will you have to save up or take out a serious loan before you know what type of profit to expect? What about cost of education or licenses? These are all serious questions to consider. That’s why some of the best small businesses don’t require much capital or experience and there is still ample growth in the industry for you and several other business owners. However, just because a good business doesn’t require much capital or experience to start doesn’t mean you will not have to eventually devote some time and capital developing your knowledge and experience in the field. To continue to grow and provide the best service, you will need to invest some of your profits back into the business and yourself.

Start-up Capital – Many small businesses call for thousands of dollars to get started. Many of us want a business to free up our time and bring in the necessary income to support our families. Businesses that require massive capital take much longer for the business owner to realize a return on income. They also require much more devotion of time away from family and other leisure activities. There are several small business owners with franchised restaurants and other business that did require a lot of capital that are now nicely reaping the benefits of all the hard work they put into it. However, many will also tell you that it came at a great price – time with family, friends and sacrifice of self-development. What’s strange is these are the exact reasons why individuals start their own businesses.

Before starting your own business make sure to develop a well thought out business plan that outlines what you expect to gain from this business and what resources, including time, money, etc. you plan to use or will need to really make your business profitable and bring to you the free time and other benefits you desire.

Ability to Make Money when not Present – In order for you to own your business and it not own you, you must find a way to make sure that your actions can be replicated. Whether it’s an insurance agency, a flower shop or network marketing company, it’s very important that you be able to leave that business for a day or even a month and know that it’ll still run smoothly and make money for you.

To do this, it’s imperative to have a system in place that allows your business to continue without your presence. You can do this by hiring employees and developing that will enable your workers to become copy cats of what you do and bring to the business in regards to service and profits. All employees, through the resources they provide, should in some way bring value and profits to your business. If they do not, you should either train them or terminate their position.

One important thing to consider in order to encourage your employees to bring profit to the business would be to reward them with incentives for certain behaviors, like great customer service or specific sales results. Determine what type of incentives will motivate your employees and what type of actions you would like reward. Estimate, track and compare the cost of incentives, as well as the other expenses associated with hiring an employee, to the profits gained by the business from the employee.

Another option is to consider looking into a business that has a proven system for doing business and making money without the expense of hiring employees. In other words, find a business you can replicate or copy that uses an automated, electronic email or internet marketing campaign. Remember though that even though you may save by not hiring employees, you will more than likely have a higher marketing expense than other small businesses. If you’re not sure about the cost of this type of campaign, do a search on the internet to compare prices of companies that offer this type of service. If you chose this option, it’s good to have at least three different types of automated leads coming into your business. For example, take note of the monthly cost for postcard, survey or email marketing campaigns. This will give you an idea of what type of expenses to expect if you choose this route. No matter what you decide, make sure you have plan that will enable you to grow your business without tying you to the office or computer all day.

Businesses that keep giving through “Residuals”! – The very best businesses keep rewarding you with profits by either providing you with return business or residuals. Residual income is profits that keep paying you over and over at certain intervals as a result of the customer continuing to use your service or product. With many businesses, nothing further is needed by you other than a great product. The business keeps renewing because the customers value the product, need the product and can’t get better service, prices, etc. through any other company. Even though these business and services are definitely out there, I encourage you to always strive to provide superior service. If something in the market or industry changes, this ensures that the majority of your customers will continue to stay with your company not only because they value the product but also because they greatly value the service. With other businesses it’s a given that you’ll need to continually service your customers to keep the business and keep getting paid residuals. The key is in duplicating your work habits by either hiring an employee or having some type of system in place that provides service and products through an automated service.

The Product – First and foremost, the product(s) being sold have to be good stand-alone products. This means that the product could sell on its own because people actually need and desire this type of product. There are countless of network marketing and direct sales companies that are built only on the compensation plan or creating downlines, and not on the product itself. Run very fast from these types of companies. If the product or service is not valuable enough to sell on its own, you’re going to have a very difficult time building and growing that business.

Attitude – Finally, you have to be passionate about whatever you’re selling or doing. If you are, you’ll be more eager to share your business and service with others. You can not be successful if you do not have pride in what you’re offering. For this reason, choose a business which provides a service or product that helps others or brings joy in some way to their lives. I would personally like to thank all the pizza shops in Indianapolis. They bring so much joy to my life because nothing makes me happier than a good slice of pizza. Do you see where I’m going? Your idea or business doesn’t have to change the world but if there are people out there that you know would get value and joy out of whatever it is you’re offering, then that’s a big step.

To really choose a business that will be profitable, take a close look at what you’re getting into and what you may have to sacrifice for the business. Sometimes, the business you always dreamed that would free up your time and give you the life you always wanted, can actually rob you of the things you value most.

Anitra Myrick is a mother, mentor and business owner. She provides a mentorship program to help her customers and small business owners with self-development and spiritual enlightenment. She owns an Insurance Agency and is a Business Owner with AmeriPlan. For more information about Anitra and her businesses, please visit and

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Mindset You Need When Starting a Small Business

Anyone wanting to start a new business should consider a few factors before diving in to entrepreneurship. The things listed below are probably the first thing any aspiring business owner should do if you think being your own boss is for you. Starting a small business can be very difficult so it’s important to have the right frame of mind prior to taking the leap.

However, the rewards and the self-satisfaction can be outstanding. Before you dive right in and make your decision to start a small business it’s important to take some time to mentally prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

• Be prepared to put everything you have into you business in order to be successful. In most cases the small business owner works a lot more hours than that of a traditional 9-5 job. In order to make a small business successful you must put your heart into it and be passionate about what you trying to do. Therefore, you should ensure that you are fully prepared to put the time and effort needed into making your business successful

• It is very important to be passionate about the business you are aspiring to own and operate. If you open a business selling pet supplies simply because you think you will make a ton of money but you absolutely hate animals then your business is probably not going to go very well. As mentioned above you are going to have to put a lot of time and effort into your business in order to succeed and if you are not passionate about what you are doing then there really is no point in opening it up in the first place. You might as well stay at your 9-5 job and draw a steady income. Which leads me to the next point

• It’s very important to understand that most small business start ups will not generate a significant amount of revenue or profits during the first few years. It is vital to put in the work and research ahead of time in order to at least have a vague idea of what type of revenue to expect. A lot of people starting small businesses have this false expectation of making tons of cash right at startup. This usually is not the case.

• Is entrepreneurship really for me? Anyone can be a successful business owner; however, there are several characteristics that you should possess in order to make that road a lot easier and probably more enjoyable. Ask yourself if you possess some (or better yet all) of these qualities listed below:

Leadership skills
Goal Oriented
A risk taker
Have Self Discipline
Self Motivation

This is definitely not a comprehensive list of characteristics that someone should possess prior to opening a small business but these qualities are important to have if you want to take the route of being your own boss. However, as mentioned before anyone can overcome barriers in their way if they have enough self motivation and drive to achieve their goals.

For more great small biz tips [] visit []

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How CRM Software Works — Creating Customer Satisfaction with a Click

When people ask, “What is CRM?” the literal answer is, “Customer Relationship Management,” but that doesn’t really convey much in terms of what all CRM does for a business. This CRM definition is too narrow to really explain everything the system does if it is working to its fullest potential and is user-friendly enough to expand and grow as a customer-client relationship changes and grows.

CRM in the broader sense encompasses not only customer relationship management itself but how customer relationship management is handled and the most important elements of a CRM program that are essential to its being successful. The range of CRM software options vary from those that provide simple customer tracking and live chat capabilities to the more complex CRM solutions that can integrate all of the customer relationship data an enterprise has on each client past, present and future in a dynamic information data network.

What should I look for in a CRM software package?

If there’s an ideal CRM software package that works for every company and every situation, it hasn’t been discovered yet, simply because every company has slightly different needs for their customer relationship management needs as well as software implementation.

In general, however, when you are looking for a strong CRM software package there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are shopping for a CRM package, try to forget about the initial price tag at first (as difficult as this may be) and focus on the adaptability, usability and integrity of each system you evaluate as it relates to your particular needs. A few things to consider:

o What are the most important facets of customer relations are we looking to address, and does this CRM software support tracking and updating all aspects of this? For example, if your company wants to customer service to have ready access to changes in customer spending habits and an opportunity to offer new product options based on these records, make sure this capability is built into the software. Customization down the line will be time-consuming and expensive — if you have a primary goal, make sure it is standard in your CRM software package.

o Will the CRM software package integrate smoothly with all platforms currently in use at your company? If you will have to re-enter all databases such as client names, addresses and phone numbers, this will significantly increase the amount of money you’ll spend in the long run. Make sure that you can either integrate smoothly or import all information needed flawlessly.

o Is the product more than you need? An enterprise solution that offers fifteen functions you don’t need and never will isn’t a bargain if you will never expand into that market niche. Just because it’s available doesn’t mean you have to have it. Selling custom-sewn hats? You won’t need a CRM software package for tracking million-dollar overseas accounts.

o Has this CRM software package been used for a company of your size before? If it has been used for companies up to 10,000 and you have 150,000, the system may simply not be able to sustain the volume of data and crash or develop glitches. Look for something more powerful with a support system capable of understanding the size of your company.

Can you build me a dream CRM software package?

Hmm…let’s see. The best CRM software package would be optimally functional across all platforms and have its own customer support backing it, and …. Well, let’s take a look at our own list of what we’d really like in a CRM software package if money was no object and we could “have it all,” so to speak:

o A CRM software provider that has partnerships with other vendors for support in the event you need it for integration of platforms.

o Extensive training from certified CRM software technicians who will walk your people through the process of setting up, using and training others on the system.

o Full data migration capabilities to and from all programs in current use to the new CRM software.

o Offsite server storage backup for all information in the CRM system for added security.

o A toolbox for company programmers for customizing templates for company use — this will save huge amounts of time by eliminating the need to write custom codes from scratch.

o Either in-house consultants or a choice of contracted consultants they recommend (try not to be at the mercy of one consultant when there is a problem).

o A CRM software package designed by a company familiar with our specific industry and its structural needs.

The best CRM software packages enable customer service representatives to review the account information of each client or customer when they are talking to him or her and immediately understand something about that person’s needs, wants and spending patterns.

For banks, CRM software can indicate their banking patterns — are they investing through the bank? Have they recently looked into a money market fund? Do they have substantial funds that could be put to better use than languishing in a simple CD?

A mail order company can note your shopping tendencies and make Christmas shopping suggestions based on past purchases by seeing that you buy a lot of kids’ clothes and that you spend about $200 each holiday. Used correctly, a toy company can steer you toward some bargains and suggest alternatives, enriching your shopping experience and building customer loyalty.

Why does CRM software fail so often after it’s put into place?

You’ve heard the stories about a company buying a CRM software package and then realizing it hasn’t really changed anything. The big-wigs are disappointed, customer service is frustrated, and the clients are aggravated with the new changes that don’t seem to show any improvements in customer service or client relations. How does it happen?

Because CRM software was purchased that wasn’t appropriate, was purchased too soon, or wasn’t implemented properly. If you don’t purchase CRM software that specifically addresses what your customer concerns are, you may have software that is very detailed in an area you don’t need and somewhat lacking in exactly what you do need.

Purchasing too soon means you bought the software before you had evaluated what you really wanted. Many companies by CRM software with a goal “to improve customer relations,” which is not a clear business goal! You should have a very specific, well-defined objective that your CRM software solution can address, and you company should have developed a formal objective before you went shopping for a solution. Retaining customers? Improving the size of current customer portfolios? Penetrating a new market niche? Reduce customer complaints? Improve customer repair response? Determine what it is you want to focus on as a goal, and then choose your CRM software solution based on how it will address it.

Finally, implementation of a new CRM program requires proper management support and effective training. That means that management must be behind it one hundred percent, and not have “head in the sand” approach where they determine that “that’s for customer service, I never did understand that stuff,” and avoid learning how the CRM software works. It is an attitude that will pervade the company.

Second, training is essential and must encompass the company to ensure that all levels of personnel will embrace the new system and understand the genuine need for it and the real goal of what you are trying to achieve with your new CRM software solution.

Some CRM software options for small and medium sized businesses

For small and medium businesses, the most common customer relations management software request is for anything that enhances online communications and improves the time between a customer complaint or question and resolution of the issue for them.

For many companies, there are software solutions that can be purchased or downloaded to be used through their Internet website for basic services such as online customer support through live chat and customer assistance with online purchasing that is both efficient and relatively inexpensive. If your need is primarily to improve sales volume, improve response to customer questions and complaints and to make your company website more personalized, look into these solutions that are at the lower end of the price spectrum while providing solid CRM products:

LivePerson offers two different versions, Basic and Enterprise that provide live chat, email and a variety of interactive forms customized to meet companies’ needs for customer relations. This company has developed live chat solutions and online forms for everything from universities to financial services firms. This company provides a wide range of services, including online marketing, case studies, and software designed to improve online shopping cart capabilities.

LiveHelper offers many of the same features, and adds real time traffic monitoring and other data assessment features as well. For the price, LiveHelper is a very good CRM software value.

GroopZ includes customer routing software so that you can transfer entire chat strings from one customer service rep to another if you need be, along with an efficient filing system for chat transcripts and customer records. For improving customer relations, the software support suggests pre- and post-service questions for all customers who contact you.

Also included are templates you can set up with specific, pre-scripted answers to frequently asked questions in online chat to save customer service representatives time and make the process clearer and more efficient. This company does a bit more customizing on the front end to fit your needs, and pricing is adjusted accordingly.

SupportWizard gives you three CRM options that give you some flexibility — you can buy, lease or let them host your customer service/relations solutions. Interactive FAQs, live chat, standard answers to frequent questions, and Boolean search capabilities to review past interactions all make this package extremely effective. SupportWizard also has more customizable features than some, including an “escalation alert” that can be tailored to specific situations when a supervisor would be notified if a customer service situation exceeds certain parameters.

This is one of the more expensive packages available, but rather than a monthly fee you are paying for lease or outright purchase options, so factor this into the cost. You will also get spectacular customer support and constant upgrades and patches when necessary. The integration of email, live chat and telephone information into one database is also a plus with SupportWizard.

BoldChat offers free CRM software for online customer service chat that you can use for a limited time, and offers a $9.95/month and a $39.95/month customized version of their CRM software. Both offer live customer service chat, but one adds customized windows and more options on buttons and the number of available customer service reps you can add.

CSLive offers the most comprehensive CRM software solution available for small and medium businesses, with live chat, email, and the usual customer service features you expect from a small business CRM solution, but with plenty of extras. CSLive also offers an extensive tracking and filing system, an Internet server site where you can upload and store files of customer help articles that customers can be referred to that can by emailed directly to clients by your reps. Throw in the message center and online meetings, and this is practically an enterprise sized solution at a small business price of $29.95 a month.

CRM software, whether on a monthly user basis or purchased outright and downloaded onto your own server, will make serving and understanding your clients and customers a more productive experience, and you will all be happier for it.

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Three Best Tips on How to Handle Clients

1. Listening – This is the most vital role in any communication form. Whether you are just on the phone, meeting and old friend along the alley or on a park bench or even “reading” your mail, listening to someone can bridge gaps; it can even patch things up with your girlfriend or boyfriend. And anyone can do this by just doing nothing. Even pretending that you are listening can work as well, but that’s another story. Insecurity is the exact opposite of having to listen to someone. Because you are “threatened” by the way he/she looks, the kind of shoes he/she wears or even the kind of phone he/she is using you tend to get irritated by the littlest detail you hate about the person. (Although this statement is not applicable when talking to someone on the phone. Nevertheless, it can help you get the message). Communication is a two-way stream and the first way to objectively get the gist of the the other person is saying is through listening – not hearing, but listening. Because hearing is just passive listening. You can tell a lot about a person when he/she is talking to you and how he/she is talking to you.

2. Being Objective – What I mean of being objective is that upon listening to the client, you “digest” whatever he/she is talking about. Meaning, you take and assess whatever the client wants from you and take only the important points from what he/she is talking about and from there you take the necessary steps in procuring the related solution to the problem. (if there is any) An objective person is like a sponge hungry for knowledge. With objectivity involved in a conversation, you and the other person can build a good rapport with each other, or even have a wonderful business relationship.

3. Open-mindedness – Having a wider perspective of things around you makes a person well-adjusted. With that, you are capable of hearing/talking to anyone without getting irritated. A lot of people see things the way they want it to be and how things should be done by their way only. In result, any conversation could always end up you and the other person yelling at each other or worst, it could end up violently. (but I guess it will not happen over the phone) Furthermore, if you are open-minded even on the phone, you can easily get what the client wants. Without ending up banging the phone over your head and cursing the client who cannot hear from you when the client already hanged-up.

Arnold Santos is a virtual assistant writer who provides writing solutions to individual customers and even corporate clients for their websites and other online corporate entities. He currently writes for a Philippines call center company that provides inbound customer service and outbound telemarketing solutions to corporate and small-to-medium size companies.

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How to Handle Client Complaints: The 7 Do’s and Don’ts

As a business owner, you will at some point be at the receiving end of a client complaint (and you may have been a client with a complaint yourself).

The question isn’t whether you’ll get them (you will!) – the question is, how do you choose to handle the complaint, and yourself, in response.

This flipside take on what NOT to do highlights some of the most common things that we might be tempted to do when in the position of receiving a complaint. One or more (or even all!) of these might tempt you!

Let’s have a look at what NOT to do:

1. Get defensive. Protect your point of view at all costs. Don’t even try to see the client’s point of view. Just stay entrenched in your position, and defend it to the hilt.

2. Get someone else to respond for you. When the complaint is directed to you, the best way to deflect it is to get one of your staff to respond for you. That way, you not only manage to convey the message that you’ve spread the word far and wide that the client is a pain in the neck, it also gets you off the hook in taking responsibility for the reply. This approach also has the added benefit of making the client feel unimportant.

3. Be demeaning or patronizing to the client: make them feel small by proving them wrong, or even better, come at them from the lofty heights, where you are beyond reproach because only you see the bigger picture. Putting a spiritual slant on this (as in, you’re not being spiritual enough) is particularly effective if you know the client is so inclined.

4. Refuse to provide a refund for services not delivered. If you’ve managed to erode the client’s trust in you to the point where they don’t even want the services you’ve been contracted for, then by all means, keep the money! Don’t let ethical considerations get in the way of the additional income.

5. Justify your position with detailed explanations of why the client is wrong. Get as detailed as possible, even mentioning times and dates, and particular correspondence if necessary, to make your point clear: you are right, the client is wrong, and here’s the evidence to prove it!

6. Accuse the client of taking things personally. This will really help to put them in their place: let them know that they are being irrational and therefore not appropriate. It’s their behavior that’s at fault!

7. Bend or be selective about the truth, or both. When you talk about what happened, be sure to pick out only the elements that serve you best. Or adjust the truth to suit your current needs in the situation.

Of course, there is the rare situation when a complaint is unjustified, and it is best dealt with in other ways.

Most of the time, though, the truth is that a client complaint is a gift! You are getting insight about your business practices from your client that they are not obligated to share with you. They’re giving you a view that you don’t usually get.

It’s a huge opportunity to see your business in a new way.

And even better, it’s an opportunity to do a little personal and work alchemy: to step fully into being the person you are meant to be, and by doing that, to create a big fan for you and your business!

Seize that opportunity – here’s what to do when you get a client complaint:

1. Do all you can to see things from the client’s point of view. Be curious – ask questions. Dig deep to find out where they are coming from.

2. Resist the temptation to defend yourself. You are not under attack – you are simply the receiver of information, information you would never have had about your business if your client hadn’t spoken up. Value it, and yourself, and there will be no need to get defensive.

3. Treat your client with respect, and honor their priorities and concerns. Most people just want to be heard. Do a good job of that, and most complaints end right there.

4. Respond directly, yourself, and without shame. Be a leader in your own company, and respond to complaints yourself, if they are addressed to you. Come from a place of valuing yourself, and what you do.

5. Be fair and even generous in refunding money, if the client still wants that after you’ve responded respectfully. No amount of money kept will make up for the ill will generated by keeping money you did not earn. Money is only earned from happy, satisfied clients.

6. Take it all personally – You have a chance to show your client who you really are, a person of integrity, honor, and forthrightness. Every day in your business, you have an opportunity to show your character, to lead. These situations can be challenging, and they are also opportunities to grow, to step into your true Self, and to create alchemy in your business.

7. Be scrupulous with the truth. Get clear about what actually happened. Then, stand in the truth. That way, there is no need to make ‘truth adjustments’ to build your strength.

That’s the way to keep your clients not just happy – it turns them into your best advocates!

Sure, there’s vulnerability in being that up front with your client, but you will reap the rewards many-fold by being clear about who you are in the world. It’s totally worth it, for your business and yourself!

Ursula Jorch, MSc, MEd, mentors entrepreneurs starting their businesses and seasoned entrepreneurs in transition to create the business of their dreams. Her coaching programs provide knowledge, support, clarity, inspiration, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to empower you to reach your goals. Start with a free guide and other valuable info at

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How To Increase Your Sales Without Extra Cost

Increasing sales is the prime aim of any company that wants to succeed. This is very vital for a company that wants to make an impact. Many companies spend thousands to Millions on sales promotion/marketing but achieve little or nothing. This article is going to show you how to increase your sales without costing you extra dime!

The First thing any business owner must do before looking for how to increase sales is to make sure his/her goods or services are up to standard and of high quality. If not the consumer will run away after the first purchase.

The Second thing any business owner must do before thinking of increasing sales is making his/her goods/services well packaged. Experience has shown me that most consumers are first attracted to well packaged goods/services before even taking of quality. Moreover, consumers are always proud of well packaged goods/services.

The Third thing that must be done before looking for ways to improve sales is employing right minded and positive workers this will go a long way to boost consumer relationship.

Now lets get to the real thing, all the talk show above are just prerequisites to boosting one sales if you have not done it or can’t do it, you better close this page and go away.

Boosting one sales to up to 200%

First way

Do you already have customers? You can increase the current number you have twice, thrice or more by simply applying this little trick.
“Tell every of your customer the if he/she brings in his/her neighbours, friends, colleagues etc to purchase any good/service from your company that you will give them 5-10% discount on their own purchases”. This will make them persuade their friends, mates, neighbours, colleagues etc to come and buy from you. Try this out!

Second way

Do you know what is other people money? You can organise a seminar or workshop with topic relating to the service you provide. I can hear you saying it will cost much. You won’t spend a dime on it. You can get other companies to sponsor you. You know what? The gate fee should be purchasing your goods/services.

I leave you with this for now, watch out for the next edition here.

Eze Andrew C
Is a young writer/consultant who studies/writes extensively on sales, marketing etc can be contacted through email or website

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